Effect of smoking on passive smokers especially children

images (6)People smoke but many men and some women are not aware of the effects of passive smoking on them. But there are many non-smokers especially children who suffer from many problems due to smoking. Given below are some of the effects of passive smoking on children:

1. Children are more vulnerable to cigarette smoke as they have faster breathing rates than adults and hence they inhale more smoke.
2. Children growing in smoky houses are more prone to respiratory diseases than those growing in smokeless atmosphere. Also symptoms like chest tightness, shortness of breath, wheezes, cough, etc are much severe in these children.
3. The learning abilities are also compromised in such children. Mathematics, reading, reasoning abilities, and logic are seen to be affected more.
4. The mental development in children staying in smoky houses is seen to be subnormal.
5. These children show interactive problems with their peers and school teachers.
6. A child who’s both parents smoke is seen to be more often absent from school due to respiratory illnesses than those children having habit-less parents.
7. Children with such parents are more prone to diseases like asthma, even if they are not born with this disease.
8. Some children even need ear draining due to the wax that has been accumulated due to passive smoking.
9. Such children have higher risk of developing lung cancer in adult life.
10. Parents who smoke usually give birth to low weight babies.
11. The baby has twice more risk of dying a cot death if the mother is a smoker than the baby whose mother doesn’t smoke.
12. Recovery time in children who are passive smokers is much longer in children from any illnesses.

4 effective ways to quit cigarette smoking:

Given below some of the effective ways to quit smoking:

• Find a reason to quit smoking other than your own health: Other reasons for giving up smoking can be for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, children etc.
• Exercise a little each day: Running about a mile every day, doing about 30 sit-ups or push-ups may lessen to crave for cigarettes.
• Drink more and more water every day: Drinking lots of pure water can help quitting cigarette smoking. You should drink water until your urine is clear. This will also make you feel refreshed and more energized every day, thus you may not feel the need for cigarettes anymore.
• Chose alternatives: You can opt for alternatives like Smokeless Cigarettes, which are very good solution for making you quit the bad habit of smoking.

How smokeless cigarettes are safer than conventional cigarettes?

Smokeless Cigarettes are devices that are designed to look like conventional tobacco cigarettes. But instead of smoke, they emit a non-offensive, almost odorless vapor that only looks like smoke. They have no combustion and no flame, hence no risk of fire. Because of these features, Smokeless Cigarettes are accepted in many such places where conventional cigarettes are banned. Smokeless Cigarettes also provide you the sensational smoking experience at home.

Why you should quit smoking cigarette?

20130928__ecigarette_400If you care about your health, then you should quit cigarettes. Every time when you inhale cigarettes, you are unknowingly sending toxic solvents, herbicides, lead, carbon monoxide, pesticides and even radioactive elements into your bloodstream. If you stop smoking for your health considering these issues in mind, you will surely feel much better than before.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

The probable reason is that tobacco companies add accelerants in their products. They actually want to make it harder for you to quit cigarettes. If everyone go on quitting cigarette then won’t be able to make money out of it. To be in the business they are making you addicted of cigarettes. Thus, these companies are actually killing you and have killed millions of others just to make business and money.

One company has discovered the common reason for that make it difficult for people to quit smoking. People have physical cravings. They fear of gaining weight, due to their increased hunger. They also feel anxious, nervous or have difficulty in sleeping. They sometimes feel a tickle in their throat or a hacking cough. But, one can even quit smoking without experiencing such problems. Quitting cigarette at a time may not be possible, but quitting it slowly and steadily is not at all difficult. You need to follow some rules, and most important you should be determined about giving up smoking.

How to quit cigarette smoking?

Read the given below 5 tips for quit smoking, if you really want to quit cigarette smoking.

• Tell others when you will stop smoking: In this way you will be able to stay committed to your goal. Make sure that you are surrounded by positive people who will always encourage you in a good way. And don’t commit to only single person, chose some wisely who will make you feel bad about your current situation.
• Don’t quit smoking only for health reasons: You should always think of other reasons other than your health. You always ask yourself why you want to quit smoking. The answer which you will get is that you should quit smoking for your wife, children, parents, etc.
• Carry a water bottle: Every time you want to smoke, you can replace that with other tasks like drinking water. Also drinking water is healthy, cheap, normal, and easily available.
• Hang out with non-smokers: Start hanging out with people who don’t smoke. You will feel the pressure of not to smoke, or lessen smoking when you are with non-smoking people.
In the beginning all the above steps may seem to be difficult to you, but if you are determined then trust me nothing is impossible.
• Use smokeless cigarettes: There is yet another way to quit smoking is smoking smokeless cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes are a very good alternative for conventional cigarettes. They give you the pleasure of smoking traditional cigarettes, in a non-toxic way. Smokeless Cigarettes emit a non-offensive, odorless vapor instead of smoke. There’s no risk of fire as they have no flame and no combustion. There is also no tar and no ashes are produced.

Why cigarette smoking is difficult to quit?

images (5)If you are a smoker like many other chain smokers you may have also tried hard to quit smoking. You did every possible bit to quit smoking. Every morning after waking up you are making a resolution that today you won’t take cigarette; or rather you will intake lesser number of cigarette today. But to your sad part you can’t do so. So have you ever thought why this is happening? I think sometimes yes, and sometimes just being casual, simply NO. You may not have felt it necessary to know the reason behind not to be able to give up smoking. Given below are 5 main reasons that may help you:

1. Afraid of the withdrawal symptoms: Some people may get easily agitated, experience headaches or hand shaking or become irritable. Many people are scared to face such problem, that’s why they are afraid of quitting smoking.
2. Afraid to put on extra weight: Sometimes it’s seen that when people quit smoking, they tend to eat a little bit more than usually. They make food the supplement of cigarette. Thus they are afraid of the not putting the cigarette in their mouth.
3. Lack of will power: Not able to quit smoking is sometimes a psychological problem. People don’t get the will power to quit smoking.
4. You use it to deal with stress: However hard you have tried, even you have almost quit smoking, but sometimes it happens that you are in stress and unwillingly you have to use the cigarette to reduce your stress.
5. It is still pleasurable: Although illogical, but people find it pleasurable every time they smoke, hence cannot set the mind for giving it up.
The good news is that you can still quit cigarettes while bypassing the above mentioned problems. All you need to do is a one hour hypnosis session.

How to quit cigarette smoking using hypnosis?

Given below are the 3 key elements to successfully giving up smoking with hypnosis permanently:

1. The smokers’ mindset: A smoker must want to quit cigarettes permanently. This is the crucial factor of a successful hypnosis session. When using hypnosis the therapist and the patient are working on the mind. The patient hence must be willing to participate.
2. The quality of the suggestions used: It’s very important to find the right therapist for you. Always investigate about their professional background.
3. Your connection with the therapist: Do interact with your therapist more. Pay attention to what they say. Always interact with your therapist in a more friendly way.

What are smokeless cigarettes?

Smokeless cigarettes are electronic vaping device, or electronic nicotine delivery system or personal vaporizer or are an electronic inhaler which is designed as a substitute for tobacco smoking. Smokeless cigarettes generally utilize heating elements that usually vaporize a liquid solution. Some solutions in smokeless cigarettes contain a mixture of flavorings and nicotine, while some others release a flavored vapor without nicotine.
Always check the e-cigarette reviews on various sites on the internet. Electronic cigarette reviews will give you better ideas for you to quit smoking.

You will get to know more about smokeless cigarettes if you consider the e-cig reviews.